Monitoring and Positioning with RACO´s Accessories for Electric Actuators, Linear Actuators and Rotating Actuators

The non-contact EPS position sensor system is a tried and tested component of RACO actuators for monitoring end positions, analogue position feedback or electronic overload cut-off according to the RPM principle (RPM principle = sensory speed monitoring).

The RACO position sensor system has been designed for the positioning of electromechanical linear actuators. The position is detected without contact by means of magnetic field coupling to the rotating shaft. The system continues to function even in the case of a power failure because a lithium battery supplies the system with energy in standby mode. The buffer function is guaranteed over an operating period of 10 years. Changing the battery is simple.

Different versions of the position sensor system enable individual use, from the basic solution with 2 programmable limit switch contacts to the multi-turn absolute value encoder with CANopen interface.

All series and installation sizes of the RACO actuators can be equipped with the RACO position sensors.


  • compact, modular structure
  • convenient adjustment in the teach-in or via PC Windows software
  • low switching hysteresis
  • precise switching positions
  • wear-resistant and with repeat accuracy - no need for manual transmission with play
  • simple and intelligent diagnosis

Mechanical Limit Switches, Angular Rotation Transducers, Potentiometers

For applications in which the EPS position sensor cannot be used, the mechanical limit switches with manual transmission step are still available. For analogue position feedback these can be combined with an angular rotation transducer or potentiometer.