The RACO Service Department offers professional service on customers location and /or in RACO's
Workshop especially for Commissioning, lnspection, Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade and Modification

Actuator repair

all types of electromechanical Actuators and Actuator Systems with PLC
lf your actuator fails .... Send your actuator to RACO „Pit Stop". RACO has numerous
components available from stock and substitute what is necessary.
Please fill the repair form for an instant process!

Ball screw repair, rebuild and replacement

of ball screws, RACO made or any other manufacturing
lf your machine fails ..... RACO can make a blueprint from the worn out ball screw and make
synchronization and adaptation to renowned machine manufacturer (for instance
Heyligenstaedt, Waldrich, Hessap, Mazak ... }.


Brake actuators for rail based public transportation systems

RACO offers its customers who are operating tram vehicles a repair service
respectively a complete maintenance of the GBM including following services:

  • lnspection and performance check of all components supplied
  • Reinstatement work and replacement of the defect components
  • Optimization by alternative parts and upgrade to the present expansion stage
  • lnspection certificate for the repaired GBM units and warranty for this service features

Your advantages:

  • • Components are only exchanged if they are functional and necessary
  • • The repair is executed rapidly by our experienced service technicans
  • • The compatibility of the components for units before year of construction 2000 is guaranteed

As proposal we offer the inspection of the GBM at our site as reference for further GBM units
and calculate a fixed price for this GBM and all further GBM units.

FMT measurement technology

Modem measuring technology guarantees the checking and securing of the high quality standards at RACO. RACO proudly measure and record precision spindles, shafts and rollers for you.