Electromobility is becoming increasingly important!

More and more mechatronic drives are being used on vehicles and mobile machines, which are powered by batteries.
From its modular subassembly system, RACO offers electric cylinders of the Compact series with high-quality DC motors, which are available in a power range of at least 100 watts and thus realize actuating forces of up to 10 kN.
Applications are realized in the traffic engineering on land in special vehicles, in trams or on the water in ships, as well as their charging stations.

Size 2, Type C DC
Stroke (mm)100200300400
a3 (mm)280380480580

Catalog Id.Thrust (kN)Rod speed (mm/s)Motor power (kW)
T6C2-DC - 1485160.70200.04
T6C2-DC - 1485171.00450.10
T6C2-DC - 1485181.001000.25
T6C2-DC - 1485192.00300.20
Size 4, Type N DC
Stroke (mm)100200300400
a3 (mm)280380480580

Catalog Id.Thrust (kN)Rod speed (mm/s)Motor power (kW)
T6N4-DC - 1485212.50300.25
T6N4-DC - 1485225.00150.25
T6N4-DC - 1485235.00400.25