RACO - core competences: electric actuators and more...

Our activities evolve around our outstanding linear technology, the heavy duty electric cylinders and compact electric cylinders. We choose the electromechanical drive system in accordance to your requirements; either acme screws, our patented ball screws, or planetary roller screws are being applied. All our motors are specifically aligned for applications using these screws. We pick the right motor type and performance to move the required mass.

In addition to actuating and positioning motors for three-phase power, RACO also offers direct current motors and servo-motors for all possible demands. Helical gear units as well as bevel, worm or planetary gear units are available for torque transmission. Our path sensors ensure enhanced operational safety and the powerful control system guarantees that actuator and sensor technologies work together efficiently.

RACOmatic® electric actuators – the integrated mechatronic drive system

The RACOmatic® expands the functionality of RACO electric actuators to ready-to-use, highly precise linear actuation drives. Mechanical components, software, and sensors have been perfectly matched to the equipment architecture and the relevant requirements. Take a step towards the industry of the future with RACO and this custom-made solution for any motion profile!