RACO actuators for your ambitious application in raw material handling

In materials-handling technology - particularly when handling bulk goods - the trend towards introducing control and regulation technology is increasing all the time. As a manufacturer of electric cylinders, RACO can offer different solutions for simple implementation in a wide range of different automatic systems. On top of this, the reduction of waste material quantities and the ecological recycling and disposal of unavoidable waste materials is gaining in significance. To improve the efficiency of a production or recycling process, the development focuses on the minimisation of energy requirements and the environmental compatibility.


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Raco electric actuators meet these criteria just perfectly:

  • High mechanical efficiency results in a high power density of the actuators
  • Eco-friendly operation and high degree of operational safety without leakage issues or freezing problems such as those which sometimes occur with medium-filled systems.
  • Straightforward, low-cost installation and putting into operation, since all that's required is an electrical connection.
  • Low electrical actuator power and low energy consumption thanks to switch-off operation significantly increases economy.
  • Long service life with comparatively low maintenance costs
  • RACO electric actuators are available conform to ATEX directives